Recipe of success

I always wonder is there any recipe of success.  I don’t know. But successful people may have some recipe.  I read what the successful people said about success.  Well still was confused.  Then I watched this TED video on facebook which one of my friend shared.

Richard St. John presented eight secrets of successful life.  It is a very good presentation and he spend seven years to research this and conducted 500 interviews.  He presented the eight main things that is needed to succeed.  In the order they are

  2. Hard WORK
  3. Be GOOD at your work
  4. FOCUS
  5. PUSH
  6. SERVE
  7. IDEAS

Here is the three minutes movie. Its worth spending three minutes.

Recipe of Success


A Sim


About neurobot

I am PhD student in department of Physics at university at Albany NY. I am working in cyberphysics lab under the supervision of Dr. Kevin H. Knuth. My interests are biosignal processing, EEG signal processing, Brain Computer / Robotics Interface, Bayesian Data Analysis, Intelligent search Algorithms etc.
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