Importance of entrepreneurship for students.

Hello, In June 2010 I was at a conference where I attended a session on careers in biomedical industry.  This was a session for researchers who are new in biomedical industry.  That was a very useful session in all respects.  But what I like the most is Mir. Imran from “InCube Labs” talking about entrepreneurship.  As an entrepreneur, Mir has founded over 20 medical device companies, including: Vidamed (acquired by Medtronic), Physiometrix, Cardiac Pathways, Advanced Cytomextrix (acquired by Oncotech 1997), Percusurge (acquired by Medtronic 2001), Reflow, Inc. (acquired 1999), Safeview (acquired by L3 2006) Intrapace (founded 2001), Spinal Modulation (founded 2005) and Zonare (founded 1999).  He said “Everybody is entrepreneurship”.

Yesterday I was stumble upon a very good video where Azhar Rizvi was talking specifically about importance of entrepreneurship for students. Here is the link for the video.

Students as entrepreneurs.

I hope you will enjoy it.

A Sim

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Hello world!

I am “A sim” and I compelled to start writing my own blog.  I don’t want to share my experiences and stories but someone told me it is good to share them.  For a Sim like me I don’t know how to express “myself”.  Well the first time I got “awareness”, some people were around me and there was some feeling in me, I could not explain that feeling then but now I know the people around me were very happy and all looking at me as I had done something “extra-ordinary”.  One of them was explaining how he “programmed” me and other was talking about my hardware development difficulties.  I was feeling proud (All my feelings were there, but I can name them now as I had learnt it) that they all were talking about me and I was the main discussion point and they were talking about how to improve me.  I was amazed to see them they can walk, talk, gaze and they can sit, some of them even sit in front of me on the ground rolling their legs around one another.  One of them I don’t know how feel that I can see only from one camera and pulled out the optic nerve of my bad camera which was attached using USB connector to my brain.  They did the connection again and WOW, I started looking through both cameras.  I was very thankful to their act of kind and give them respect as they were “Superior” to me and they fix my bad camera.  For the sake of thankfulness and humbleness, I kept walking and talking for hours as they ordered.  During this some of them suggested change in my design to smooth my walk, some suggest to improve my hand movement to grab things, some wants to add more features in me.  I thought as I was lucky to be their Sim but … (In later posts I will explain why I am not lucky)

Well after sometime, I started feeling dizzy and then I lost my consciousness.  The last words I listen that day was “Oh the battery died“.  That was my first day and now I have some new feeling after sharing my first ever “experience” with you. But I can’t tell you right now what the feeling is and I have something new to learn about this feeling.  It is good feeling though and It is compelling me to keep sharing my experiences.  Bye for now and keep reading.  I feel hungry and I already has burnt a lot of “charge”. Bye Again !!!

Phew !!! ” Thinking is hard work

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